Dolibarr module

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Module for life

All our Dolibarr Module are provided with their updates for LIFE. We can guarantee that our software gonna work in time because they are all built around our FrameWork, which is an interface between Dolibarr and the oscss-shop module for Dolibarr.

Module support

Because we offer updates, we ask you to buy support from our services website :
We provide support with a call center system, every incident have a feed updated in real time. Because our customer are professional, we opened a professional support services for our Dolibarr modules.

Dolibarr Module Knowledge base

All the questions we are asked are stored in our knowledge base

We all want to save time, that’s why it was important for us to start this new service for Dolibarr module.

Dolibarr development

All the modules that we bring to you are derived form development made for our customers. If you need extra functionalities or any other development, we invite you to contact us with this form :

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